About Us

Pipeline Innovations Ltd is an independent UK based company with its headquarters located in the North East of England.

The company was formed in 2009 by the core engineering and management team who have many combined years of experience (both with British Gas and PII) in the design, development and operation of pipeline inspection pigs and other associated equipment. In 2002, (as Profile International Ltd) the team designed, produced and operated the first multi-channel caliper pigs suitable for use in support of commissioning of new pipelines. Another first was an electronic gauging pig with multi-hit capability which was first used in the Nile Delta, offshore Egypt, for commissioning of subsea flowlines. In 2006, Profile International was bought out by BJ Services. The team continued to supply caliper services in support of BJ operations worldwide and also developed and produced new range of caliper tools for BJ’s North America market.

Pipeline Innovations was formed with the aim of continuing to offer high quality caliper services whilst developing a new range of innovative inspection and measurement tools for oil, gas and water pipelines.