Pipeline Inspection and Measurement Specialists

Pipeline Innovations offers a range of specialised products and services specifically designed to support pipeline construction, commissioning and cleaning operations around the world. The company is based in the UK and has recently provided caliper equipment and services for offshore projects in Australia, Indonesia, Angola, Egypt (The Nile Delta), Italy and the North Sea. Whilst the multi-channel caliper is our main product line, we also have a number of other products which are currently under development or coming on-stream including:

  • The Pathfinder Foam Caliper and Gauging pig for bore proving and measurement of scale and wax deposits
  • A dual/multi-diameter electronic gauging pig with acoustic transmission of pass or fail for each pipe diameter
  • A subsea digital pressure gauge for monitoring hydrotest operations on subsea pipelines.
  • Specialist caliper and measurement pigs for commissioning of deep water subsea pipelines

In addition Pipeline Innovations has recently developed a high performance electronic gauging pig with multi-hit capability for Baker Hughes. The pig monitors and records the condition of a standard gauge plate and provides an acoustic indication of pass or fail at the end of the run. Baker.Hughes.com