Subsea Digital Pressure Gauge

Subsea Pressure Gauge 010612 Datasheet

The model A600/300 Digital Sub-Sea Pressure Gauge is designed for use in deep water applications such as in commissioning sub-sea pipelines. The digital gauge is self contained and can directly replace existing mechanical dial gauges used in the same application, offering the advantages of better resolution and higher accuracy.

The gauge features a four digit high brightness LED display, which provides excellent visibility, even in conditions of high turbidity.

Powered by internal batteries, the gauge normally operates in Sleep Mode with no visible display showing. To obtain a reading, the display is illuminated with a diver’s torch or an ROV light which activates the display for a preset period, e.g. 2 minutes, after which it automatically shuts down again.

Key Design Features:

  • 0 - 600 bar input pressure range with an over-pressure rating of 1200 bar.
  • Maximum operating water depth of 300m (proof tested to 500m)
  • Four digit display with a resolution of 0.1 bar
  • Gauge accuracy of better than 1%
  • Powered by internal batteries with a capability of over 3000 display activations.
  • The gauge housing is manufactured from stainless steel to ensure a robust product suited to its working environment.

Subsea Digital Pressure Gauge
Subsea Pressure Gauge with Data Logger