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PIL Caliper Tool

The PIL Caliper tool was conceived and engineered to provide the industry with a simple and robust, single-body caliper tool solution. The tool’s rugged technology is equally valuable onshore and offshore, for the identification of geometrical anomalies which could affect the integrity of the pipeline. Where offshore projects are concerned, the PIL tool’s AutoStart feature allows for the tool to be started as the tool leaves the launch trap. This functionality is particularly valuable where inspections involving an extended period of time from tool load to launch are required, such as a launch from a pre-installed subsea laydown head. Pipeline Innovations Ltd have optimised the multi-channel caliper technology to be simple and robust, to maximise reliability under even the most severe operating conditions. The caliper system is modular in nature and as a result, it can operate in a wide range of configurations on disc pigs, cup pigs and wheeled suspension pigs.

PIL Caliper Tool

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PIL’s standard caliper pig was developed specifically for use in the commissioning of new pipelines. It was the first multi-channel caliper tool to be used in this role. The first tools were operational in 2003 and, since then, the design has been refined and improved to match the changing demands of the industry, particularly towards use in deep water applications. The design exhibits a high degree of reliability under arduous operating conditions and has an extensive track record.

Significant projects include:

  • The 48” x 500km BTC pipeline – Turkey
  • The 48” x 1300km Reliance East-West pipeline – India
  • 42” x 412km Gulf of Thailand
  • 32” x 312km East China Sea

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