Subsea Caliper PIG

The PIL Subsea Caliper PIG tool was conceived and engineered to provide the industry with a simple and robust, single-body caliper tool solution optimised for use on subsea pipelines and in-field flowlines.

The multi-channel caliper pig is specially designed to operate in and survive pressures of up to 400bar (600bar special), allowing it to be used in pipelines at extreme sea water depths and to be left in the pipeline during hydrotest if required. Despite this very harsh environment, the caliper measurement system is able to achieve a high measurement accuracy and a very low probability of failure. This performance is achieved using a caliper sensor arrangement unique to PIL, where the caliper sensors are located inside of the pressure vessel (which also houses the electronics and batteries), protecting them from the sea water and the very high pressures.

Subsea Caliper PIG

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Key Design Features

Standard features include:

  • Multi-channel caliper with 400 bar operating capability in sizes from 6” to 32”
  • Simple robust design with sensors protected from sea water effects
  • Capable of operating in pipelines in ultra-deep waters and surviving hydrotest pressures
  • Single body tools suitable for launching from multi-pig subsea PLRs
  • Back-loading capability
  • Zero current drain in standby mode, allowing pre-loading of the tools for launching weeks or even months later
  • Auto start using a pull pin method

PIL are also able to offer options for special requirements including;

  • Extra high pressure capability of 600 bar operation on some sizes of tool
  • Customise Pig body length to match valve port spacing on subsea launchers
  • Extra long life battery packs on some tool sizes.
  • Multi-body pig designs for traversing subsea Wye’s
  • Pig body with suspension wheels for multi-diameter lines

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