Pipeline Proving

Pipeline proving combined with pipeline gauging is an essential requirement when a pipeline has little or no pigging history and or there is any doubt about internal condition before the introduction of metal bodied cleaning pigs or an ILI tool can be considered.

Proving piggability will confirm that a clear through bore exists that will allow a pig to successfully traverse the pipe line from launch to receipt.
This is normally a progressive approach which will involve running several foam pigs of different densities and often different diameters to establish piggability. The state of the foam pigs as received will give some indication as to the internal condition of the pipeline but is not conclusive. In order to confirm that it is acceptable to introduce metal bodied cleaning pigs the minimum through bore must be established by running a series of foam and conical cup gauging pigs. If the gauge plates get damaged then the location and potential cause has to be identified. A caliper tool, often at additional cost, would normally be selected to carry out this task.

Pipeline Gauging

Depending on pipeline line length, product and condition, proving and gauging would typically require a minimum of 3 x foam pigs, a minimum of 2 x gauge pig runs and potentially if there is gauge plate damage a caliper/geometry survey.

The Pathfinder has been specifically developed for initial pipeline proving in lines with no pigging history where a pipeline operator plans to initiate a pigging campaign. The Pathfinder is a low risk, cost effective soft bodied tool which like a standard caliper is used for measuring pipeline geometry, internal pipe diameter, detecting and measuring dents, ovality, buckles and wrinkles etc.
Its unique construction combined with innovative sensor technology also allows it to be used to identify and measure the presence of debris and pipe wall deposits such as scale and wax as part of a pipeline cleaning program making it the perfect choice to prove pipeline piggabilty, cleanliness and the minimum internal diameter range.

The Pathfinder can be used as part of a progressive pigging campaign to prove the minimum bores, confirm pipeline piggability, qualify cleanliness and provide a geometric survey in pipeline that has never been pigged and or has known or anticipated reductions in internal diameter.
Pathfinder eliminates the need to run several foam pigs of various size and density.
Pathfinder eliminates the need to run a foam gauge and conical cup type gauge pigs.

The number of foam pig runs required during the initial pipeline proving stages can be reduced. With the added value of a full geometry survey, any anomalies or concerns with reduced internal diameters are also identified eliminating the need to run gauging pigs and the potential cost of a caliper tool run at a later date.
The Pathfinder foam caliper pig range starts from 4″ and is currently available up to 26″ For all enquiries, larger diameters or specific applications please contact us directly at

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