Pipeline Data Logging

Pipeline data loggers installed on pipeline pigs for proving, gauging, cleaning, pre-inspection cleaning, operational or more specialist pigging applications can provide valuable information on pig performance, pig run profile and pipeline condition.

Pipeline Innovations Ltd provide a cost effective, simple to use Pipeline Shock Logger that can be easily fitted to almost any type of pipeline pig, foam or metal bodied, disc or cup, batching or cleaning, single or dual module and for almost any pipeline product onshore or offshore, liquid, gas or multiphase.

The PIL Pipeline Shock Logger will collect, measure and record operational information during the pig run. It’s based on well proven technology as used in PILs range of geometry inspection tools. The loggers are robust and compact by design and built to meet the harsh demands of oil and gas pipeline pigging.

With a range of on board sensors the multi-channel Pipeline Shock Logger can detect shock, impact and vibration as it negotiates pipeline features, fittings, restrictions, debris and pipe wall deposits along the pipeline. It will measure rotation, tilt, bend angle and direction to clearly identify location reference points along the pipeline. The option to include an odometer to measure and record distance is also available.

  • The PIL Pipeline Shock Logger has several applications including;
  • Cost effective pig run profile and performance monitoring
  • Evaluating pig performance to support improvements to existing configuration or the selection of new designs
  • Optimisation of production pigging and or pipeline cleaning programs
  • Monitor and management of operational/production pipeline pigging strategy
  • Identify reductions in bore due to debris and or pipe wall deposit build up
  • Monitor and management of cleaning pig programs
  • Cost effective pipeline condition and flow assurance management

User friendly software for data analysis is provided as part of the Pipeline Shock Logger Package. It can be used by the operator to process and view the data. Alternatively, the data can be uploaded onto an internet file sharing site for transfer to the PIL offices in the UK for expert analysis and reporting.

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