Pipeline Geometry Surveys

Pipeline Innovations Limited (PIL) specialise in the supply of caliper and smart pig technology for use in new and operational pipelines in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries worldwide.

PIL provide pipeline geometry services across all stages in the life cycle of a pipeline from construction, pre-commissioning, commissioning, production, operations and inspection through to decommissioning and abandonment.

Our range of multi-channel caliper tools are used to accurately measure pipeline geometry, configuration, internal diameter, detect, locate and measure dents, ovality, buckles, wrinkles and other geometry defects in onshore, offshore and deep-water applications.
The PIL Caliper tool was designed and engineered to provide pipeline owners and operators with a simple and robust, bore measurement tool. The tool’s rugged technology is equally valuable onshore and offshore, for the identification of geometrical anomalies which could affect the integrity and safe operation of a pipeline.

The caliper system is modular by design. It can be provided in range of configurations such as disc pigs, cup pigs and or wheeled suspension pigs depending on the application and pipeline length. The standard caliper pig range starts from 6” and is available up to 44″. For all caliper enquiries or specific applications please contact us directly at

The caliper tool has several innovative design features such as ‘AutoStart’ which enables the tool to be started up as the tool leaves the launch trap. A valuable function commonly used where surveys involving an extended period of time from tool load to launch are required, such as a launch from a pre-installed subsea laydown head.

Pipeline Geometry Services

PIL also provide a foam caliper pig survey. The Pathfinder has been specifically developed for initial pipeline proving in lines with no pigging history where a pipeline operator plans to initiate a pigging campaign. The Pathfinder is a low risk, cost effective soft bodied tool which like a standard caliper is used for measuring pipeline geometry, internal pipe diameter, detecting and measuring dents, ovality, buckles and wrinkles etc. Its unique construction combined with innovative sensor technology allows it to be used to identify and measure the presence of debris and pipe wall deposits such as scale and wax as part of a pipeline cleaning program and is often used to prove pipeline piggabilty and cleanliness before running an ILI tool. See our Debris Mapping and Assessment pages for more information.

The Pathfinder foam caliper pig range starts from 4″ and is currently available up to 26″ For all enquiries, larger diameters or specific applications please contact us directly at

PIL also specialise and are experienced in, the design of bespoke caliper survey tools for long distance, deep water, multi diameter and generally difficult to pig pipelines. We are always available to discuss nonstandard applications where tools and technologies are not readily available off the shelf. We would be happy to look at your requirements in more detail. Please contact us directly at

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