Debris Mapping

The Pathfinder is a low risk, cost effective soft bodied tool which like a standard caliper pig will measure pipeline geometry, internal diameters, detect, locate and measure dents, ovality, buckles and wrinkles etc.
Its unique construction combined with innovative sensor technology allows it to be used to identify and measure the presence of debris, soft and hard pipe wall deposits such as sand, black powder, scale and wax etc. in a pipeline.

  • Pathfinder will quantify the thickness of pipe wall deposits and or
    debris build up, its distribution along the pipeline length and the potential total volume of debris within the pipeline.
  • Pathfinder can be used prior to starting a pipeline cleaning campaign to qualify existing debris volume at the start, used during the campaign to confirm pig performance and cleaning progress and finally at the end, to confirm that an acceptable level of cleaning has been achieved. This can be as part of a pre-inspection cleaning program ahead of ILI or as part of an operational pigging strategy.
  • Pathfinder can be run periodically to trend and monitor the performance of long term operational pigging strategies.
  • Pathfinder can be used as go/no go gauge prior to running an ILI tool
  • Pathfinder can confirm an acceptable level of internal cleanliness has been achieved to maximise ILI first run success.
  • Pathfinder can be used to monitor and manage production cleaning pig performance as part of a pipeline operator’s routine pigging program or flow assurance strategy.
  • Pathfinder can be used to measure the performance of a pipeline operator’s chemical cleaning or routine chemical dosing program flow assurance strategy.

PIL Technicians can be provided to support infield operations as required. However, The Pathfinder foam caliper tool is simple to use and with minimal training it is possible for the client to power up, load, launch receive, recover, down load, confirm and review data integrity without the need for a dedicated PIL technical on site. Detailed data analysis and reporting is carried out from the UK operating facility where operational support is also provided.

Debris Mapping Assessments

A Pathfinder debris mapping assessment survey allows a pipeline operator to safely and cost effectively manage internal cleanliness by optimising pipeline cleaning and operational performance as part of an integrity management and flow assurance strategy.
The Pathfinder foam caliper pig range starts from 4″ and is currently available up to 26″ For all enquiries, larger diameters or specific applications please contact us directly at

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