Third Party Development

The BJ Smart Gauge pig is a high performance electronic gauging tool with multi-hit capability. An electronic sensing system is used to monitor each of the segments of a standard aluminium or stainless steel gauge plate. A hit on any of the gauge plate segments triggers an acoustic pinger which remotely indicates when a hit has occurred.

The BJ Smart Gauge Tool (SGT) was developed by Pipeline Innovations Ltd, under contract from BJ Services (now Baker Hughes). The SGT is a fully Bi-di capable gauging tool with an integral acoustic pinger. The pinger can be used for tracking as well for annunciating a hit on the gauge plate. The electronics system monitors each of the gauge plate segments and measures and records the magnitude of any deflections. The time and date of the hit is recorded and the pinger signal is modified to indicate the detection of the hit.

The first operational 6”, 8”, and 34” tools have recently been deployed to support commissioning operations on the pipelines in the Gorgon field, offshore Australia.

BJ Smart Gauge Pig